Gardening is something that most homeowners really love to do, as it provides many benefits to us: improving the curb appeal, increasing the house’s value for future selling, providing more aesthetic value to the house, relaxing sight, and the list goes on; it is inexhaustible. There are many ways on how to make your flowers and plants healthy and strong against pests and inadequacy of nutrients. You can hire a professional landscaping Stafford VA to ensure a proper trimming and pruning the plants, or you can sustain them with proper nourishment through some organic ingredients in your house, which are a great substitute for expensive chemical fertilizers. The following are the organic fertilizer you can put on your plants and flowers.  

1.Tea Fertilizer 

This is not news. Gardeners have known to use teas as their organic t=fertilizer. All you need is to mix 2 cups of urine and 1/4 cup of salt. This might sound very weird but these ingredients really create wonders on your plants. Mix this with two cups of ash from the fireplace and fill five-gallon buckets with weeds and grass clippings. Pour the mixture into the bucket and allow the tea to steep for three days.  

2.Banana Peel Fertilizer 

Bananas are healthy, and so do their peels, and this is why gardeners see these peels as a great organic fertilizer. Banana peels contain a high amount of potassium as well as phosphorous and calcium – all are great to nourish plants and flowers. All you need to do is to just bury the banana peels into the soil and allow them to decompose, which can take a few days. You can also try to preserve overripe banana in your freezer, bury them into the soil, and let it decompose naturally.  

3.Egg Shell Fertilizer 

Eggshells are probably the most common organic fertilizer you can ever find even in the Southeast Asian homes. This is because the shells contain a rich amount of calcium that effectively helps the development of plant cells; hence, the plant grows. All you need to do is to put the eggshells on the soil or you can bury them for faster decomposition. So, if you have some eggshells waste, feed them to your plants.  

4.Coffee Fertilizer 

Nearly all homeowners, or at least one of the family members, enjoy a cup of coffee every morning. And of course, this would mean a lot of coffee grounds as waste. Instead of throwing them away, you can make them as great food for your plants. These grounds are filled with nitrogen that helps increase the soil acidity and are ideal for plants like magnolias, roses, hydrangeas, and even some veggie plants. All you need to do is to mix the coffee grounds with the soil and wait for results. 

Final thoughts 

Aside from what we have mentioned above, there are still ingredients you can find at your home to make as a good plant fertilizer. In fact, all organic materials such as food waste, fruit peels, etc. are a potential organic fertilizer.